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Falcon Aerial Photography operates out of the Naperville, Illinois area serving the Chicago area, providing aerial photography services. Aerial photographs are useful for documenting, planning, decision support, listing presentations, record keeping, inspections and make memorable high end gifts.

Who uses aerial photographs?

  • Listing presentations
  • Development assessment & planning
  • Sales presentations
  • Zoning use presentations
  • Design visualization
  • Environmental assessment
  • Construction progress documentation
  • Traffic routing & studies
  • Courtroom litigation
  • Agricultural management
  • Pavement and parking studies & surveys
  • Public outreach
  • Wildlife & Forestry management
  • Boundary inspections
  • Property owners
  • High-end gifts

Contact Information

Telephone:   630 280-0077
Base of operations:   Clow International Airport, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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